Live Basement Tracks (Full band)

by The Whole Camel

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released February 12, 2015



all rights reserved


The Whole Camel Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

we are no longer actively using this band name, head to for current updates from us.

special thanks to all the folks who bought recordings on this page!

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Track Name: For The Police
I ran the red light after
Coming to a complete stop
I guess I thought it changed, I was
Distracted by the cop

he pulled up in the lane
beside me, and we locked eyes
So much for the left turn
that his signal signified

Every time those guys show up
Its all cuffs and broken jaws
But man, if not for the police
I swear I’d never break the law

Heading south down west street
I caught sight of boys in blue
So instinct took me north
And I fell hard into some dude

His wallet hit the ground
And as I tried to hand it back
The fuzz showed up again
And nearly beat me half to death


There were beatings
And more ER trips
And I grew real fond
Of morphine drips

And so I started
stealing cars
Necessity now has me
Behind bars

Track Name: Generic Punk Song #7
let's all watch a fucking sitcom
let's all nuke some mac n' cheese
we can make an indentation in the sofa
let's all go get heart disease

let's all revive the economy
let's all buy stuff we don't need
we can build a mall on top of anything
till then we can just shop on QVC

who cares what happens to the earth 400 years from now?
we'll be long dead anyhow
why should we waste our time making the world a better place?
it's no fun to save the human race

let's invade someone else's country
let's all drive big SUVs
we can start a fire in the forest
bring mother nature to her goddamn knees

let's all bring forth the apocalypse
let's take the time to make ice-9 then at least there'd be no mud
we can cast our vote, elect rush limbaugh
let's all let the streets run red with blood

Track Name: Feel Sick
You make me feel sick
to my stomach
like i ate a ton of butterflies and they all want me
to vomit

cause then they'd all be free
albeit covered in whatever's inside of me
you make me feel sick
in a good way

this is kinda gross
for a love song
and probably kinda gross for
most other types of songs

now that i think of it
saying you make me sick
well that might be
less than flattering

when i am with you i feel like
i wanna die
like any sort of nervous twitch
could steer me right into a big semi

and lying face down in a ditch
i'd think "oh god why?"
in fact i wish i had cause then
i would get to fly

away and up to heaven
where i could eventually
spend all of eternity with you
and i swear that wasn't an insult

you make me feel sick
in the best way
Track Name: Pigeons
When they start to drop the bombs
and no one's left to listen to my songs
i might not feel compelled to practice my art
but i'll still feed the pigeons in the park

When the mutant hoards rise up in the streets
and they loot pet stores solely for their meats
when mankind decides to leave its final mark
i'll still feed the pigeons in the park

I'll survey the land, with shotgun in hand
and take down the freaks, and mad max wannabes
when people decide they don't wanna be people anymore
well i will just try to make sure
that those birds can still feel secure

And so on judgement day
whether or not there's any actual hell to pay
i'm not going anywhere i refuse to part
someones gotta feed the pigeons in the park

if it turns out that we're the ones
not him, but like father like son
we incompetent gods, we say "let there be dark"
then my hands will guide me to the park

Even if the world ends with friends eating friends
barring cardiac arrest i will keep trying my best
to still give a damn about something
and live life just like a king
on park bench throne, my flock under wing